Top Quality Translation

This category is the right choice for translations of business documents of the upmost importance, as well as of industry-specific, specialized texts, that require accuracy and consistency. These translations are performed solely by native speakers of the target language.

Each translation undergoes revision and proofreading. At the revision stage an industry-specialist compares the text with the original and checks that it is adequate and that the correct terminology has been used. A translation memory (TM) is compiled for your translation project, thereby ensuring consistency in terminology and style. On top of that, we also use the TM’s that we have accumulated over the years of our work.

At the final stage of proofreading the text is corrected for grammatical mistakes, misprints, etc. so that at the end of the process a product of the highest quality is delivered to the client.

The cost of these top-quality services is estimated for each individual project and depends on the complexity of the text and the level of qualification of the consultants/revisers involved in the project.

Please contact our managers for qualified assistance and a quote for your project. Consultation and project quotes are free of charge and impose no obligation upon you.

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