Localization services

ABBYY Language Solutions offers comprehensive services for the localization of software, websites, help systems, marketing materials and games. You are welcome to use our services at any stage of your project: from localizability-testing to translation of final materials and localization-testing issues.

1. Localizability Testing

This stage is designed to ensure the technical potential is in place to adapt the product for local market needs. Testing identifies places where localization can either create end-user problems, or damage your software, including:

  • Non-localizable text, restrictions on the size of interface elements, inapplicable fonts
  • Support for non-ASCII characters in foreign languages, including double-byte - in GUI and in input fields
  • Program behavior according to local expectations (e.g., sorting, dates, time, formatting of numbers and currencies)
  • Operation problems on the target OS or in the target browser for websites

We will prepare a comprehensive report on the testing performed and recommendations on how to make your software localizable.

2. Translation and adaptation

This stage includes the following actions:

  • Creating a glossary to maintain consistency of terminology and style
  • Creating and using existing translation memories
  • Translation of interface messages
  • Translation, editing and proofreading of help system and documents, taking localized screen shots
  • Building of localized software

Upon completion of the translation the entire Translation Memory that has been created will be passed on to you for free. Further maintenance of the translation (e.g., the issue of updates or translating new versions of the software) will implement the accumulated TM, thus significantly reducing the costs.

3. Quality Assurance

A strong team of skilled editors, DTP specialists, engineers and testers at ABBYY Language Solutions ensures a high quality of localization. A localized product goes through two levels of quality assurance before recompilation and release:

  • Linguistic testing: an editor, specializing in the relevant field, oversees the interface and ensures that the translations, layout, iconography and color schemes used in the application are appropriate and of a high quality
  • Functional regression testing: a test engineer ensures all essential functionality on the localized version

Being in between linguistics and programming, localization requires highly skilled specialists in both of these fields. ABBYY has a huge amount of experience both in translation services as well as in software development. The quality of our services is ensured by leading programmers, highly qualified linguists, lexicographers and philologists.

How much does it cost?

Localization costs are calculated for each individual case and are largely dependent on the scope of the project. ABBYY Language Solutions will tailor a service package to suit your current needs and provide a detailed calculation for each stage of the project.

Please contact us for more information.