ABBYY Language Solutions offers end-to-end translation, dubbing and voiceover services for your audio and video needs. Whether you want your commercial product dubbed into a different language, or an educational presentation converted into a language format that would be easily understood by your overseas office staff, or even a foreign movie dubbed into your mother tongue, we will be happy to provide all the support you may need.

Feel free to use our services at any stage of your project: from transcribing audio, to professional dubbing of prepared material.

ABBYY Language Solutions is a one stop shop for all your audio and video needs:

  • transcribing soundtracks of any material types in over 60 languages
  • professional translation of text for further dubbing
  • inserting time codes, lip synchronization between the translation and on-screen characters
  • dubbing by professional narrators and actors with a vast database of voices for you to choose from. We perform both complete dubbing, which involves creating a Russian soundtrack from scratch, and voiceover, with the Russian translation recorded over the original soundtrack muffled in the background
  • video sequence localization, DVD authoring, recording a new music score

At each stage, the intermediate material undergoes a quality-assurance procedure – this whole process ensures that the final product will be error-free. Before final mixing, the final material undergoes an additional thorough compliance review.

We propose several plans of action for each specific project, allowing you to choose the one that suits you best, depending on your requirements, desired completion time, and project budget.