Website translation and localization

Today the Internet is the fastest-growing information environment in the world. Launching a website in a foreign language will guarantee your company’s entry onto international markets. The most efficient way to convey the necessary information to your potential clients is to have it translated to a high standard into their native tongue. Having your website in a foreign language is the first step in establishing a prosperous business relationship with foreign partners, and the quality of the translation defines your goodwill and determines the success of your business.

The scale of your project doesn’t matter: be it a corporate site, an online catalogue of products, or an Internet store.

Localization - how does it differ from pure translation?

The translation of the content of websites differs from traditional translation because information appearing on the Internet should be adapted to the local market (the target audience). Moreover, the text should be written in accordance with the local norms and standards of business. In addition to just translating the content of the website it is also necessary to translate and localize all elements of the interface, graphic and dynamic objects: buttons, menus, flash films and also site-code that is not noticeable to users: captions, meta-tags, and so on.

Our translators and our own team of web-programmers, designers and DTP specialists have a huge amount of experience working with the most popular programming support and desktop publishing environments and are familiar with all the latest web-technologies, markup languages (HRML, XML), and programming languages (PHP, Perl, JavaScript).


The total cost for website localization includes the translation of the site content visible to users, as well as translation and localization of graphic objects, menus, data bases and auxiliary tags.

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